Learn how to distinguish the scammers from the pros in Cedar Park, TX

Not all tree removal companies are legitimate. B&M Tree Service LLC is raising awareness of scammers by raising the bar for tree service providers in the Cedar Park, TX area.

Here's how to spot the difference between scammers and pros:

Scammers will typically...

  • Name a price that sounds too good to be true, because it usually is
  • Beat around the bush when you ask if they're qualified, because they usually aren't
  • Vanish after taking your money, because they don't care about your trees or your safety

Our crew...
  • Offers competitive pricing and will give you a written estimate
  • Would be glad to share our licensing and insurance information with you
  • Will return your calls, use specialty equipment and wear safety gear when cutting down your tree

Call 512-701-1609 now to hire a qualified tree removal company.

Check out our credentials

We specialize in dangerous tree removal, and we can back up our claims with over 17 years of experience. Our highly trained tree climbers will cut down your hazardous tree without causing damage to your roof or nearby structures.

Contact us any time to get dangerous tree removal services in the Cedar Park, TX area.